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Travel Carbon Label

This is a carbon label for a trip. The label itself does not mean that the trip has low carbon emissions, it is only a presentation of the emissions that arise.

The emission values of the label describe an average trip with the current specifications. The exact emissions can vary and also depend on other factors such as occupancy rate of buses and planes or vehicle model.

The emissions are calculated using Travel CO2's emission calculation tool, but information about routes, overnight stays, vehicles and fuels is self-reported by the tour operator and not reviewed by Travel CO2 or any external party.

Interpretation of the label

The label shows kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions per person divided into different types of transport and accommodation. Click on the icons for more detailed information about vehicles, fuels, routes and accommodation.

Emissions are also shown as grams of carbon dioxide emissions per person kilometer for the entire trip.

The green-red scale is based on a comparison with typical long-distance trips.

Example trips for comparisons

Domestic train/bus< 50 kg
International train/bus50+ kg
Domestic flight 200+ kg
Flight within Europe500+ kg
Flight to North America2000+ kg


The calculations are based on research from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Read more at Travel CO2 for more information about the data behind the labeling.