Carbon labels at the climate crossroads

What is a Travel Carbon Label?

This is a labeling system that simplifies comparisons of travel and clearly shows the climate impact of all parts of the trip, both transport and accommodation.

The label itself does not mean that the trip has low climate impact, it is a presentation of the emissions that arise.

Color scale for comparisons

The color scale is a comparison with the emissions of typical long-distance trips.

Emissions per kilometer

To facilitate comparisons, an average of the entire trip's emissions per person kilometer is shown.

Information about the label

The title of the trip, the company's name and the unique ID of the label are shown.

Emissions by mode of transport & type of accommodation

Click on the icons for more detailed information about the vehicle, fuel, route and accommodation.

QR code

The QR code is a link to more information about the trip and the label. Try clicking or scanning!

A carbon label in the wide format for a train journey with hostel accommodation.

1. Calculate the climate impact of travel

Use our tool to quickly and easily calculate carbon emissions for trips and generate carbon labels.

2. Communicate carbon-clever choices

Show the climate impact of your travel packages on your website with embedded carbon labels or download labels for use in print and social media.

Simple label creation tool

Calculate the climate impact of all parts of the journey and quickly create a carbon label, it only takes a few minutes.

  • Support for more than 50 transport and fuel combinations
  • Get help finding distances for road and air traffic
  • Include accommodation at hotels, hostels and apartments

Builds customer loyalty & trust

There is a large consumer demand for transparent climate information in the purchase process. Being open about climate impact affects brand loyalty among both end consumers and resellers.

Founded on Swedish research

The calculations are based on open research developed by independent researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Integrate into existing systems

Embed climate labels into your current travel management with our API. Contact us for information about integrations and automation.

Show the world that you are part of the climate solution

By 2050, our annual emissions of greenhouse gases need to be reduced from today's approximately 9,000 kg CO2 per person to a maximum of 2,000 kg. That is about the same amount of emissions as a single round trip flight between Europe and New York causes, but a train ride to Paris and back from the edges of Europee emits less than 100 kg CO2.

Choosing the right destination and mode of transport is crucial for the climate. Are you ready to help your customers make carbon-clever choices?